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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Your name, except ON TOAST !

Your Name On Toast!
The sites tagline is "Your name, except on toast."

How it works ( From the site):
You give us some money and we write your name (or web address or just a word of your choice) on toast and put it on our web site. Your toast will act as a link to your web site. Anything from $20 up is enough to get you listed in the Your Name On Toast gallery. The more you pay for your toast, the higher your toast will appear in the listings. Simple as that!

What a simple yet brillant idea. So far the site has brought in $4150.00. All earning are to be donated to a charitable organization, minus the cost of bread, sharpies, and toasters! Toast has been purchased from $5.00 to a $200.00 piece of toast!

At some point, when the time comes to make the donation, the sites founders say they will let you help decide which charitable organization to donate the funds to.


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