That's Great Marketing!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Meow Mix gets creative, teaming up with Animal Plant to create the first Cat reality show. The first show airs June 16th, 9:00pm. The winner gets the chance to be Meow Mix Feline Vice President of Research and Development.

This marketing stunt will get Meow Mix lots of "buzz". GREAT job to the Meow Mix team. Although, it is inevitable, who will be next? Dogs? Cows? Any Guesses?



From the Meow Mix website:
"10 Cats to Live Together in a House and Vie for Job with The Meow Mix Company Reality show contestants will do anything to win. Whether it’s living on a deserted island, undergoing plastic surgery or eating cockroaches, they will stop at nothing to be the best. In the latest twist on the reality genre, competitors will be asked to lick themselves clean, chase balls of string, and relieve themselves in a litter box as they scratch and claw their way towards the grand prize. However, for these particular participants, accomplishing the tasks will be second nature. After all, they are cats.

Ten felines from shelters all over the country have been selected to compete in the inaugural edition of The Meow Mix House. The cats will travel to New York City and live together in a specially-designed house, located at 425 Madison Avenue, from June 13th to 23rd. These cat-testants, selected from geographically and culturally diverse backgrounds, will share a kitty crib that will rival any loft ever featured on the Real World. Thanks to webcams equipped in every room in the house, peeping tomcats with internet access will be able to go to to view all the action in real time—and find out just what cats do all day when their owners aren’t around. "