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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pixelotto - your chance to win a million!

About a week ago we asked to be notified by email as to when this site was to be open to the public. Just minutes after discovering for myself, we received the following email message from Tew.:

Hi Jason
My new project is here!

It's called 'Pixelotto' and it's YOUR chance to become a millionaire.

All you have to do is click on the ads - there's no entry fee. The $1m jackpot is funded from pixel ads, and the prize fund is already up $77,100!

You get 10 clicks per day, so the more days you click the more chances you'll have. If you start clicking today, you'll be one step ahead of all the people who have yet to find out about the new site.

Find out more and sign-up at

I hope you like it!

Cheers Alex is now Live! Prize Fund at $78,100.

Pixelotto has been unveiled at . Alex tew's newest pixel site is now open to everyone.

Two Million Dollars worth of Pixels unveiled, as

The world awaits the unveiling of Alex tew's newest creation, Pixelotto. To be revealed to us sometime later today. (It is 1:10am EST and nothing yet :) )

Located at, it is just what it sounds like, a Lottery. Just as with his first million dollar home page ( where he sold one million (1,000,000) pixels for a dollar each, he plans on doubling the cost per pixel to $2.00 each in hope of selling all 1,000,000 pixels for a cool $2 million. This time, he has added a twist. He's giving $1 million of it away to a lucky participant!

From early rumors, it sounds like this is how it will work.:

Advertisers purchase the pixels as advertising for their website.

Anyone will be able to sign up for a free account, and Tew's site will then be able to track which ads you click on. At the end of the "Game", 1 pixel will be chosen to be the winning pixel, then, if multiple people clicked on the winning pixel, the winner will be randomly chosen from only those that had clicked on that pixel advertisment.

A pixel is very small, advertisments will be sold in 100 pixel groups, which is still small, but clickable. But remember, to our understanding, it is clicking on the correct pixel that wins the lotto, not an ad. So if one ad is made up of the minimum 100 pixels, there are actually 100 chances of winning just from that one advertisment.

Many others think this second knockoff site will fail. Tew, has already raised at least $92,000 in a private pre pixel sale. This pre pixel sale was only offered to those who had purchased pixels from his first pixel site. Pixels will be available to the general public later today.

In Just under 2 weeks, the pixelotto site now has almost 20,000 links to it. It is getting lots of press and sure to get lots of eyeballs on pixels!

Your name, except ON TOAST !

Your Name On Toast!
The sites tagline is "Your name, except on toast."

How it works ( From the site):
You give us some money and we write your name (or web address or just a word of your choice) on toast and put it on our web site. Your toast will act as a link to your web site. Anything from $20 up is enough to get you listed in the Your Name On Toast gallery. The more you pay for your toast, the higher your toast will appear in the listings. Simple as that!

What a simple yet brillant idea. So far the site has brought in $4150.00. All earning are to be donated to a charitable organization, minus the cost of bread, sharpies, and toasters! Toast has been purchased from $5.00 to a $200.00 piece of toast!

At some point, when the time comes to make the donation, the sites founders say they will let you help decide which charitable organization to donate the funds to.