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Monday, January 01, 2007

Do you have a Marketing plan for 2007?

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2007, the year of Small Business!

In 2007, how will you grow your small business? Take a few minutes this week and jot down some ideas on how to market and grow your business this year. Brainstorm with your partner(s), employees or family (if they will listen) :) Then put your ideas to the test.

Also, dedicate a specific amount to spend on new marketing efforts and be sure to follow through with the spending.

I challenge you to try a new form of advertising this year.

Here are some ideas, but this list is limited.

eBay, Google adwords, Yahoo Ads, MSN Ads, YouTube (Viral Video?)

Local/National Newspaper, Trade Publications

Yes, Television! NO JOKE ! yes, you can afford it! Check out for more details. ( We are in no way affiliated with spotrunner.)

Take time to re-examine your products packaging, packaging sells products! While at the same time building your brand!

Let us know what your ideas are and how you plan on implementing them. Good luck in 2007!


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